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Sightseeing on Utö

Utö Church

The beautiful yellow church on Utö is the largest stone church in the archipelago and was built in1850. It is beautifully situated on “Kyrkviken” or “The Church Bay”. You can take the regular ferry direct from Årsta Pier or why not a 2.8 mile walk or bike ride from the inn.

The Mines

You will find the old mines down the path that leads behind the inn. Historic and information signs are posted around the site and if you can’t seem to get enough, there is even a little mining museum nearby.

Geological Hike

For those who enjoy geology, Utö is a gold mine. It is the only place in the world you will find so many different types of rocks and minerals in such a small area. Giant’s kettles, lines of quartz embedded in the rock, large flat-rock areas and the rarely seen mineral “holmquistites “ which are found only on Utö and Madagascar, are some of the more noteworthy sights on the island.

The Mining Museum

The mining museum is located just beside the inn and exhibits everything from Utö’s mining history dating back to the 12th century. The museum has a nearly complete collection of minerals taken from the mine. “Hembyggdsmuseét” or the Community Museum, is in the same building and has an exhibit portraying the way of life of a fisherman and farmer on Utö. The museum is open daily during the summer months.


Lurgatan’s little red cabins are built some time after 1723 and served as housing for the mining families on Utö. There were two families to every cabin. During the golden years of the resort at the end of the 19th century, the houses were rented out to summer guests. Nowadays the cabins are cultural landmarks but are still available for long term lease to summer guests.

Båtshaket (The Boathook)

South of Utö, way out on Ålö, is Restaurant Båtshaket. It’s a half hour bike ride from Utö but is well worth the trip. Watch the sun set on the horizon while enjoying a nice cold beverage and Båtshaket’s famous smoked shrimp.